Email Continuity

General Information

Email continuity service (ECS) from Appriver and MyCHS allows your email flow even through your email server is down. With pre-need setup your employees can read / reply and send email using Appriver's Outlook Web Access interface. You can access the ECS via a web browser at the link below. Please note, your login information is not synced with your email server login. If you are unsire of your password please contact your company's IT staff or MyCHS support.

ECS Login

Administrator Setup

As the administrator of your company's email continuity service, it is important your users are setup with a login to the ECS system. If you are not an administrator and believe you should have this access please contact MyCHS support.  You can invite users to set a password or set a password for them by logging into the Appriver Control panel. If you would like your users to set their own password you must first make sure their email address is listed as a valid user in the user list. One added you can send them a welcome email which will provide them a link to set a password or you can edit the user and set a password for them.

Appriver Control Panel
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