Appriver Spam Filtering Migration

If you currently have McAfee email filtering you will receive communication from MyCHS regarding the change to Appriver. On October 22, 2015 McAfee announced they will be discontinuing their filtering product line. MyCHS has tested many replacement systems before deciding on Appriver. Appriver has been providing spam filtering for over 14 years.  Like McAfee, Appriver is a cloud based system which scans your messages for spam and viruses before sending safe messages off to your email box. Messages which are caught as spam are placed in a remote quarantine. You will receive a daily notification providing you a list of messages which have been placed in the quarantine. You will have the ability to release legitimate messages and add the sender to your whitelist from this email. You also have the ability to login to your own account and view quarantined messages along with managing your allow and block lists.  

This change over can occur during normal business hours without any disruption of service. For specific information on how to access Appriver’s control panel and features please view our Email Security help pages.


Appriver Control Panel

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